Alice’s dedication extends to addressing a wide range of pressing concerns, including the disproportionate police stop and search practices affecting BAME communities, inadequate housing, unemployment, overrepresentation of BAME children in care and the criminal justice system, knife crime, shootings, grooming, drug trafficking, and antisocial behaviour linked to complex family issues. She also acknowledges the postmigration difficulties faced by these communities, encompassing cultural differences, racism, discrimination, language barriers, and a lack of social support. Of particular concern is the persistent academic underachievement within BAME communities, with a specific focus on black boys.

Alice is supported by a devoted team of professionals across the UK, including legal representatives, social workers, health professionals, academics/researchers, mentors, and community leaders. Together, they work tirelessly to fulfil their mission of bridging the gap and facilitating better communication between BAME communities and the broader UK society.
BAME HUB – UK NETWORK C.I.C actively collaborates with local and national government entities, the police, the Home Office, educational institutions, charities, churches, mosques, health professionals, and community organisations. Their collective efforts aim to address pressing issues and strive towards a more inclusive, equitable, and harmonious UK society.