Our Young People Capacity Building Project (YPCBP), aimed at 18-25yrs old, has benefited over a hundred young people across the U.K. from 2021-2022. We would like to deliver the second training component by addressing our community’s social problems affecting and impacting young people. These trainings are as follows Gambling – risks associated, Alcohol and Drug Awareness, overcoming loneliness and Isolation, Mental Health Awareness, managing debts, Improving Self – Esteem and Developing the Leader in You. Students completing this training will be equipped with essential tools and transferable skills, empowered to reach their maximum potential to avoid pitfalls associated with a lack of empowerment and support, such as knife crime, drug trafficking, shooting, grooming, radicalisation and extremism, antisocial behaviour etc. We believe these projects demonstrate a way of growing future leaders and great parents.

The saying “charity begins at home” is also true with leadership – leadership begins with you! To lead others effectively, you must first be able to lead yourself. And in order to lead yourself, you must answer the question, “Who am I?”

These workshops will be interactive and include useful activities, reflection and self-assessment activities.