Alice Maina CEO & Founder

Alice Maina, the Founder and CEO of BAME HUB – UK NETWORK C.I.C., a dedicated PhD Researcher in the social work field, brings a wealth of expertise and personal experiences to her mission of supporting individuals in their pursuit of personal and professional fulfilment. With a multifaceted background spanning Psychology, Criminology, Social Work, Public Health, and personal lived experiences, Alice has acquired a diverse skill set and knowledge base, forming a robust foundation for her work.
As a certified counsellor and a highly specialized Certified Life Coach in Behaviour, Transformation, Career, and Emotional Intelligence, Alice is deeply committed to inspiring positive change in individuals’ lives. Her unwavering passion lies in nurturing emotional intelligence and guiding individuals towards achieving their desired life outcomes. Her ultimate goal is to empower people across various facets of their lives, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives and reach their highest potential.

“I am honoured to lead our dedicated team of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to empower BAME communities across the UK.
Together, we aim to foster social cohesion and economic growth as these individuals build their lives in British society.”